About Bergplast ltd.

Bergplast ltd. specialises in thermoplastics manufacturing and injection moulding. The company mainly produces packaging for the food industry in Iceland, but also products for the electrical and building industries.

Bergplast was established in 1996 and is today leading in its field. In 2009 Bergplast acquired Reykjalundur, a competitor in market. Today the products of Reykjalundur are manufactured under the Bergplast brand.

All of the production takes place on site, in a brand new plant located at Breiðhella 2 in Hafnarfjörður, just outside of Reykjavik. As the production has expanded and changed, the company has changed from a very small workplace to a company with 24 employees working on 8 hour shifts 24 hours of the day.

Bergplast is the leading plastics manufacturer in Iceland and has as such a responsibility towards its customers and suppliers. We strive to maintain our lead by encouraging improvement, skills development, sustainability and development within the company.

Changes in the economic environment in Iceland, growing pains and changes in the ownership of the company have prompted management to focus on long time planning and strategy with the aim of strengthening the company in order to make it ready for the challenges of the future. Our goal is to be able to supply customers with a wide selection of products, where reliability, quality, service and price are key words. That way we can satisfy the needs of our customers as well as maintaining a content workforce and a well balanced business.

The main services provided by Bergplast ehf. are:

  • Manufacturing of plastic containers, bottles and accessories.
  • Design and Product development.
  • Custom solutions for individual customers.

contact: bergplast@bergplast.is